Unlike a typical management company, SOS Lancaster partners with educational entities to define problems and design individual solutions.

Our collaborative approach allows schools to maintain control of their support departments, while SOS Lancaster provides, as needed, outsourced employees, administrative operations, and/or comprehensive evaluations.

Services are offered in the operational areas of food service, facilities, and classroom paraprofessional support.


We understand that the cost of operating schools has grown tremendously over the past decade.  These costs will undoubtedly continue to grow, creating a gap between need and funding.  Contributing to this budgeting crisis is the increasing rate of retirement.  In Pennsylvania alone, the rate that school districts will be required to contribute to the Pennsylvania School Employment Retirement System (PSERS) is projected to quadruple over the next five years.  These economic factors will force districts to consider new options for outsourcing components of support services.

The SOS Lancaster’s mission is to provide a new and innovative way for school districts to maintain control while cutting costs and improving services to stakeholders.  We’re dedicated to delivering affordable high-quality services that are completely customizable by the districts with which we work.

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